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The landscape around Zorthan.

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Zorthan is the capital of Nerogue.

Building GuideEdit

Zorthan has a high level of detail, and is the most polished of all of the Nerogue cities. Buildings are mostly light gray, and are clean and simple in their design. The city is full of buildings made with high-quality wood and fine lighter-colored stone, and contaisn several brick and cobblestone streets.


Zorthan CastleEdit

The center of the city is quite rich with various markets from other places besides Mythron. Near the center of the city is a large fortified castle where the rulers of Nerogue, famous warriors, and visiting allies stay. People gather at the castle square to discuss politics and city affairs. The castle has strong gates and fortified walls. Many famous warriors dwell here, with the most renowned being the Riders of Zorthan, who are known all across the map to be skilled in their abilities in riding horses, troop skills, and hand-to-hand combat. Only specific people are invited to take on a challenge that will demonstrate whether or not they are top-notch and ready to become a Rider of Zorthan. The army of Nerogue is trained here.

City LifeEdit

The center of the city is quite rich, with various markets from all over the Lands. The people here trade lots of goods that are plentiful in their markets. The surrounding villages produce livestock (especially horses), and residents often farm or do some light hunting. Some mountains nearby are rumored to contain gold, rubies, and other valuable stones and metal. The forest to the West of Zorthan is its main source of all kinds of wood. Around Zorthan there are flowing plains of short grass with patches of trees here and there, along with some some large rock formations at the tops of the tall hills.

Builds that feature Zorthan Edit

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