Yeti (Collectible)

Yeti, inexplicably holding a popsicle

Yeti are strong, dangerous snow creatures with tusks and thick fur. They are semi-sentient, and known to be dangerous to humans and other sentient species. Their pelts are extremely valuable and highly sought after, but few hunters ever return from hunting a Yeti and even fewer are successful.


Wampa (Bull Yeti)

Bull Yeti

YETI: A few studs taller than a man, this creature is strong, but defeatable.

BULL YETI: Almost twice as tall as a man, this being is difficult to defeat; however, the beast can be incapacitated by slicing off one of its arms.

Qinon Yeti

The first sighting of the Qinon Yeti

"QINON" YETI: Named after the Outlaw who discovered the breed, it is uncertain whether this is a new species or an extra-large variant of one of the other two. All that is known from the two recorded encounters is that this creature is approximately six times taller than a man, and extremely difficult to kill.

The second sighting of the Qinon Yeti