Werewolves are a species of Humans who have the ability to transform into a wolf creature, typically when 

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A Werewolf

a full moon is out. Some Werewolves have mastered this ability and can change at will. They are known as 'Skin-changers '. Rumor has it that their are a few Skin-changers who can teach Were-folk to master their abilities but few know where they live.


A case of Lycanthropy


Lycanthropy is a disease which can be contracted. The disease can be contracted by drinking Werewolf blood or being attacked by a Werewolf (few survive such encounters). Lycanthropy can be cured

by most mages but it can also be mastered and used as an advantage.

Other Were-folkEdit

There are other types of Were-folk that inhabit Mythron and its surrounding lands but few have ever been sighted.