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Tomeu is a city in Nerogue.

Building GuideEdit

Use tan and dark tan bricks for the wall around the city. Cobblestone makes up the majority of the ground, while buildings are mostly fairly luxurious, constructed with wood and lighter-colored stone.


A good ways behind Tomeu lies the Mountains of Kord, the largest mountain range on the map. The mountains are very large and they have large snow caps on the top. It is mostly rocky around Tomeu along with some dryer grass and some trees. Many people sell many kinds of fish as they are fairly near the water. Tomeu has many exotic markets and export many goods to Zorthan. Because of its proximity to the water, Nerogueian guards are always on the lookout for fraud. Mining is starting to become big for the people of Tomeu as it is only a few days journey to the Mountains of Kord. Shipbuilding is also flourishing here.