Origin Edit

The Supreme Spy Council was founded in 20 BU by Outlaws and Mythronians who were disillusioned by the corruption rife in Mythron. They formed a council to share and gather information, while attempting to rid Mythron of it's corruption. After the Battle of Unbinding, the Council expanded, incompasing members from all 5 factions. It has since played a pivotal role in numerous conflicts.

History Edit

Used in the early days by James Gideon to try and rid Mythron of corruption, it has since expanded to hold a global network. After Unbinding, the organization has played a key role in many conflicts. For most of it's recent history, the Spy Council has been headed by Nerogue (c. 2 AU to 6 AU). In the spring of 6 AU, Jonathan Gideon (14 BU-Present) returned to the Lands of Mythron, and immediately shook up the Council. He was appointed to Chief Inspector, and in so doing, discovered numerous traitors. Gideon continued to gain power, becoming Head of Rainos Branch, and expanding his network farther into every reach of the lands. However, his brother's death and Avelyn Torr's ascension to Head of the Council pushed him to far, and he renounced the Council. John Pieterson (The same man who usurped his Lordship of Grorm) took his place.

Current History Edit

As of now, the Spy Council is working in the shadows to grow their power and influence. It is headquartered in Valdan, Nerogue.

Member In-game Roster Edit

Head of the Council - Avelyn Torr (Joseph)

Head of Nerogue Branch - Hanus Kelby (Joseph)

Head of Rainos Branch - John Pieterson (Andrew)

Head of Outlaw Branch - Ares Mandyl (Joseph)

Head of Mythron Branch - Sir Jacob Edwards (Andrew)

Head of Enalica Branch - Rizelda la Rue (Armon)

Voting/Satellite Members

- Aleric (Benjamin Olson)

- Ingur of Nerogue (Joseph)

- Cazzmir Velmont (Armon)

- Maeglin the Rogue (Ben Ehre)

- Henry Wright (Noel)

Control Edit

The Supreme Spy Council was created by Andrew Spader and Joseph Olson, and is controlled by them, as well as Armon Russ, Noel Peterson, and Ben Ehre.