There are many Spells in the Lands of Mythron, cast by Wizards. Spells are divided into three groups: Destruction, Conjuration, and Restoration. There are three levels of each type: Apprentice, Adept, and Arche-Mage. Spells can be cast using hands or a staff. More profficient Wizards can cast with their hands more effectively.


Apprentice-level Destruction spells include Flame, Lightning, Frost.

The Flame spell allows the wielder to shoot fire from his hands or staff.

The Lightning spell allows the wielder to shoot electricity from his hands or staff.

The Frost spell allows the wielder to send an icy blast from his hands or staff.

Adept-level Destruction spells include: Fireball, Lightning Grenade, and Ice Spike

Fireball allows the wielder to shoot a ball of Fire from his hands or staff.

Lightning Grenade allows the wielder to fire a ball of lighting that explodes on impact.

Ice Spike allows the wielder to shoot an icicle that freezes targets on impact.

Arche-Mage level destruction spells include: Firestorm, Tornado, and Blizzard

Firestorm summons a flaming meteor shower on targets' heads.

Tornado sends a lightning whirlwind at your foes.

Blizzard sends a flurry of snow and ice that pierces foes' skin and can freeze multiple targets on impact.


There are many Conjuration spells. Summoning animals, demons and the like. Lockpicking spells, invisibility and such all fall under the Conjuration skill. The higher the level, the more potent the spell. 


Restoration spells include Healing, Waterbreathing, Satisfy Hunger and Quench Thirst.

The more experience the Mage has, the more potent the spell.