A Wall in Rogath

Rogath 02
Rogath is a city in northern Nerogue. It was officially completed in 7.6AU

Building GuideEdit

Rogath is built high in the temperate mountains of Nerogue. Use light and/or dark grey for the walls around the city.

Rogath 01



It is the second most exporter of wood, second to Zorthan. It is also a fairly large exporter of fish, game, agricultural goods, wood, stone, and precious metals due to the sea, mountains, plains, and woods nearby. News from Reedus normally comes here first and then gets passed along to the other Nerogueian cities. It exports most of its goods to Morthog or Reedus. They use the river flowing from the sea for exporting goods to Morthog. Many travelers come to Rogath due to its location between Mythron and the Outlaws. The environment around the city is grassy with a fair amount of trees. Of course, a day's journey allows for plains, woods, mountains, and a sea. A strong defense of the city and a decent amount of troops are stationed here for defense against surprise attacks. The people here tend to keep to themselves, but are generally friendly to visitors. The inn-keeping business does very well due to the many travelers here as it is the quickest way to get to the ocean.