The streets of Rebeldes

Rebeldes is a city on the island of Santuario. While just as large as its sister-city, Poblado, it is not as wealthy. Rebeldes deals mostly in trades such as mining, since it is located slightly closer to the rich mountains. Rebeldes' buildings are brightly painted, often with blue, red or green woodwork. Most stonework in Rebeldes is gray, rather than tan, as seen in Poblado. The citizens have no specific style of clothing attributed to them, but some wear sand green sleeves and golden armor, a tendency left over from the Ibers.

History Edit

Rebeldes was originally ruled by the Ibers, a fairly large Rainosian clan. When the Santuario gold rush struck in 6 AU, Rebeldes and Poblado cooperated to extract as much gold as they could, and split the shares equally between their cities. During the Rainosian civil war, several battles and skirmishes took place near Santuario between the Iber clan, aided by their Enalican allies, and the Dragon clan. After the conflict, Enalica took control of Rebeldes. The conflict gave the citizens of Santuario a heavy dislike of the current world powers, especially after Enalica was reformed by Reia Loda who was viewed as a tyrant on Santuario. In the summer of 7 AU, tensions reached a boiling point, and a revolutionary group called the Anarchists emerged and took control of Rebeldes. The anarchists were adverse to any kind of government at all, and when the Enalican military moved in to take the city back, Rebeldes was plunged into chaos. Renaming themselves the Flame of Santuario, the Anarchists tried to take control of all of Santuario, but were met with resistance from other rebel groups based in different Santuarian cities.