The Lands of Mythron has experienced many adjustments to the system of ranks since its founding. This page ties in with the third edition of the rank system, released in July 2015.

Earning Ranks Edit

Players become eligible to earn new ranks at 25-point intervals starting at 0 points for the first rank. For example, someone with 25 points can earn 2 ranks, someone with 50 points can earn 3 and so on. Points are not consumed or spent by earning ranks.

Next, each rank has a certain level. The level's number describes the number of previous ranks that a player needs to have before earning a rank of that level: no previous ranks are required for a Level 0 rank, but a player must have three ranks before taking a Level 3 rank.

Finally, each rank is associated with a unique out-of-game set of requirements and a unique rank challenge. The requirements are the same for all players and listed with each rank description, but rank challenges are assigned by each player's faction and can be found in the faction groups. A rank challenge build should include some variation on "Rank Challenge" in the title and is worth 3 points.

It is also worth noting that players with ranks from previous editions can exchange them for ranks present in the current edition, except for where the requirements for current ranks say that staff permission is necessary.

Current Ranks Edit

Level 0 Ranks Edit

Welcome to the Lands of Mythron! This may well be your introduction to the rank system, and it marks you as a willing member of the community. What's more, it unlocks the rest of the ranks for you to start earning, since your scorecard will let you keep track of which of the higher-level requirements ahead along with the other adventures you will find as you continue your story.

Requirements: There is no point requirement or rank challenge for this rank - players earn it automatically as soon as they finish their character intro and a scorecard!Edit

Level 1 Ranks Edit

Guild Founder Edit

Guild Founders, as the name suggests, may create a guild. A guild is a group of players and characters outside of the factions that is recognized as an official part of the Lands of Mythron. Guilds are good ways to build connections with other players, or create joint storylines that non-members are likely to take notice of. With certain abilities like the Baron rank, a guild can even feature in international events during a UC. Also, guilds earn points for entering and/or winning moc-offs, as well as by doing crossovers with other guild members. Also, for every person with the guild founder rank (including the original founder) in a guild, the guild earns 2 guild points. For now, there is a limit of five members per guild, but a way to increase this limit may be introduced in the future.

Requirements: One crossover with another player outside of a UC. This means that you must feature the other player's character in one of your builds AND the other player must feature your character in one of his or her builds.

Ambassador Edit

An ambassador’s main privilege is to join a second faction group as a diplomat, friend or watchdog. This means that ambassadors can share and steal “secrets,” pass messages between groups, see what different factions think of each other or simply hang out with a second cool crowd. It also conveniently stops any factions from getting too caught up in isolated plotting and reminds them that the people in other factions are human, too. Once you have the rank, you can ask for an invitation to another faction group in the main group, but you must give thirty days' notice before changing your ambassador status from one faction to another to prevent any one faction from scoping out all the others by sending one ambassador around for quick looks.

Requirements: Collaboration with a member of another faction for a UC. This collaboration may be a crossover, a joint effort on a build, writing each other's stories or anything of the like.

Level 2 Ranks Edit

Explorer Edit

Bored with the known territory of your home faction? Want to take the road less traveled, or go beyond the reach of civilization to seek fame and fortune! The Explorer Rank allows players to mark out settlements or outposts on unexplored islands around the map and claim them for their factions. To claim land, a player chooses a location on the map and sets a MOC there. Explorers from different factions may claim parts of the same islands (each claim covers a specific location on the island, not the entire island), but explorers may not place claims on areas that are shaded in a faction’s specific color on the political map of the LOM.

Requirements: A naval MBC (depicting a ship, island, sea monster, port or something along those lines) scored at 3 points or higher. Additionally, a player's character must have visited at least three factions, including its home faction, for the player to earn this rank. For this purpose, unexplored territory counts as a faction, and waterways controlled by other factions also count.

Artificer Edit

The Lands of Mythron is a land of anachronisms: plate armored knights walk with soldiers in Romanesque armor, junks dock next to galleys, peasants can read and, of course, there are magical shenanigans all over the place. The Artificer rank grants a player a little more freedom by allowing technology that is rare in the LOM and normally withheld from builders, such as weapons that shoot Enalican fire, repeating crossbows, clockworks, fireworks, Da-Vinci-style contraptions, Renaissance sailing ships, airships and more. We still ask that Artificers refrain from using gunpowder weaponry or technology that is clearly out-of-era, such as steam engines or electricity, and all players still have access to magic-powered devices such as golems.

Requirements: Develop a useful new technique that works for medieval or fantasy building and show it off with an LOM build. The staff will check it to ensure that it actually is a new technique, and that it meets reasonable requirements for usefulness.

Level 3 Ranks Edit

Baron Edit

With the Baron rank comes the ability to submit a character to a list of influential people in the LOM. This list includes NPCs (non-player characters) such as some of the factions’ rulers and a few others, like Prince Borin, the former leader of the Black Lotus, who feature or have featured in UCs and RCs. When a baron’s character is added to this list, he or she is considered for use in the major events that take place in the monthly challenges. This is a good way to gain notoriety for a guild or one’s personal storyline. For example, when a guild leader is involved in events, it brings the entire guild into the action… or a player’s entire storyline could get some views if its arch-villain is used. To submit a character, a baron simply has to find the thread titled “Baron Characters” and post a few paragraphs about the intended character’s background, goals and personality (editing this comment will change the character). The staff will then glance through the thread when writing the next challenge to see if any characters would match. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a character will be chosen soon – it may take a few months for a fitting challenge to come up, and, depending on the circumstances, the character’s role can range from a footnote to a major role. Asking for and adjusting to feedback on a character will help the character’s chances of reaching glory.

Requirements: Set three builds of MBC-quality 3 or better in three nearby locations in your home faction. These builds must include a feature that is somehow notable for the local area, whether it's a part of the local economy or infrastructure, a monument or historic site, or prominent natural feature or landmark. Each feature must be different from the others, and each build must include text explaining the feature's significance.

Seer Edit

Is there life beyond the world used for the LOM? Well, that's a question for someone with the Explorer rank, but the Seer rank lets players look ahead into the future or farther back into the past than a hundred years or so. With the Seer rank, a player may build out-of genre builds set in different time periods as far back as the beginning of the world or as far ahead as the Lands of Mythron's equivalent of the late 1800s at the rate of one build per month. You could also use this rank to genre-swap a build: keep the story the same, but re-skin the details, like a retelling of a Shakespeare play in cowboy times. These builds automatically count as freebuilds and do not automatically count as canon facts, but the rank gives a good deal of flexibility in making up past or future events for more spice - or even letting a player get a couple freebuild points for a build that has little to do with the LOM at all.

Participation in three different monthly challenges, with a score of 7.5 or better in at least one, or a score of 7 or better on the building challenge for one and 7.5 or better on the writing challenge for one. The staff can provide a record of your past scores.

Level 4 Ranks Edit

Enchanter Edit

Have you ever wanted to use magic that you know could destroy entire stories if used improperly? Have you ever wanted to have a character raise the dead, transport armies through portals, curse an entire town or summon massive objects from nothing? Normal players only have access to magic with the capability to threaten villages and small towns, but an Enchanter can access powers on the scale to give provinces or even entire factions pause. This rank signifies that the staff has faith in your discernment and trusts you to use it safely and contain it within your own personal story, without causing ripple effects on the rest of the world. Use it well, and you will have great power; use it unwisely and it will be taken away.

Requirements: Complete at least twenty connected story builds and receive an 8/10 or better rating from the staff on a build's write-up, or 7/10 on the writing and 8/10 on the build.

Mercenary Edit

It is a great honor indeed to be included in the events of the world, as the characters with the Baron rank are, but greater still is the glory of shaping them with your own hands. Mercenary rank-holders are the elite, commissioned building force for the Lands of Mythron story: when world events need to be illustrated in a manner beyond the usual, mercenaries are contracted out to do story builds. Whenever the need arises, a description of a desired scene will be provided to a mercenary by the staff along with a date that it is needed by, and the mercenary may choose to accept or pass on the offer. Sometimes the contract will include the opportunity to write the story for the story build as well, as long as it features a key event, and sometimes the staff will have a script prepared. If the mercenary accepts and completes the build at the proscribed time, the mercenary will be rewarded with extra points proportional to the demands of the contract in addition to whatever the build was worth to begin with, and, of course, will earn the distinction of having constructed an important moment in the group's history.

Tactician Edit

A tactician is one of the finest military experts in the Lands of Mythron, capable of turning any situation to his or her advantage. An important route for the Tactician's country has to wind around a dense forest? A tactician will find a way to turn this into a defensive advantage AND find a quicker path at the same time. Thanks to a tactician's endless creativity and ability to milk the maximum amount of benefit from every detail, a player with the Tactician rank automatically earns one extra point on every MBC she or he posts.

Requirements: Earn a score of 4 on three MBCs or one score above a 4 on an MBC.

Assassin Edit

Finally, the rank that allows you to kill anyo... no, just kidding, the same rules about killing characters that do not belong to you still apply and always will. With the Assassin rank, though, you have proven that you are beyond stylish, and that all of the senseless killing in your builds ceases to become standard fare for the LOM, but the practice of an art form. Basically, this is the rank for cool power. Incidentally, when you get this rank, your actions are recognized as so cool that you get one extra point every time you enter a monthly challenge (in addition to any points it would normally give you) on general principle.

Requirements: Win two MOC-offs

The Final Rank Edit


This is it - the highest title that can be won. The Legend Rank does not primarily confer new abilities (though there are some secret rewards), but rather vast esteem and honor. To earn this respect, a player has to be truly exceptional and more or less do all there is to be done in the Lands of Mythron: gain every other rank (and use the abilities of each one at least once), win either the writing or the building portion of a monthly challenge, earn 6 points on an MBC and complete a final project in lieu of a rank challenge. This project has to be an original work of high quality that shows a great deal of personal effort. It should also benefit the LOM in some special way. If this masterpiece isn't epic, it doesn't count - but the staff and the LOM at large will readily give feedback on project proposals and work-in-progress updates to help this happen.

Requirements: Gain and use every other rank, win a monthly challenge, post a 6-point MBC and complete a special project of benefit to the Lands of Mythron. Note that the 6-point MBC and special project must both be completed after gaining all other ranks.

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