Poblado is a city located on the Island of Santuario. It is a prosperous town, that deals heavily in the production of ships, dyes, and other luxury goods. With calm waters and optimal timber supplies, Poblado was once the leading shipyard in the Lands. Today, though its exports are more limited, it still specializes in fast, lightweight vessels. In addition, Poblado is the center of most high-quality dye production, being the only place able to produce rare colors such as olive green, aubern, or purple. As a peaceful, largely neutral town, Santuario is also popular among royalty or high nobles as a place to retreat unnoticed from the cares of government. The inhabitants of Poblado, like most southern Enalicans, favor tan or dark tan clothes, often with brightly-colored accents. If they can afford it, they might wear a full suit of dyed cloth: though it's cheaper here than in the great markets, Pobladi cloth is still pricy. The city guard wears vibrant Lake-Town Guard uniforms, with or without the helmet.

History Edit

Poblado Gold Mine

A Gold Mine near Poblado

For a long time, Poblado was under Enalican control. During the Santuario gold rush, several mines were opened near Poblado. The Rainosian civil war left Poblado largely unaffected, but stories of the battles near Rebeldes and Castle Tratado gave the citizens of Poblado a strong dislike towards centralized power. When Enalica was reformed by Reia Loda, the citizens saw her as a tyrant. In the summer of 7 AU, a revolutionary group called the Pantaloons took over Poblado and threw out the Enalican army, establishing a popular leadership and using an execution device known as the guillotine to eliminate their enemies. From Poblado, the Pantaloons set out to take over the rest of Santuario and to spread their movement to the the five factions, clashing with Royalists and Anarchists along the way. The Pantaloons soon evolved into the Council of Towns, electing leaders to each town under their control, although these leaders were usually wealthy nobles.