The Outlaw horse rangers, also known as the "Cossacks", or "Lancers" are a unique military organization of the outlaw Confederation. They are a group of light cavalry, armed primarily with lances, and bows and arrows or javelins. Other side arms include weapons such as axes, spears, knives, swords, etc. They serve the duties of Rangers-Saborage, scouting, etc. As well as a seperate role-as commanders, horse fighters, elite troops and even assassins, and they can use a lance, a weapon which few but knights fully master. They have even been compared in skill to the famed riders of Zorthan

They were formed in early 8AU by John Guyére (leader of the city of Nostrogel) on the orders of Sozo the Great. They were recruited from all the major cites and some from the smaller Outlaw villages scattered in Bodus.

Members Edit

Currently there are ten members of the Cossack troop.

The known members are-

Founder and General-John Guyére

Field leader-Janõs tombal

recruit in training- Edward Collinson


Aron the Forgotten

laurnso the grey