Orcs (sometimes referred to as goblins) are a rather unrefined and disliked species who reside in the Lands of Mythron.


Orcs have thick, leathery skin that can withstand the heat of the sun; their skin also comes in a variety of colors, ranging from a dark tan color to olive or sand green. They are naturally muscular and have good endurance. Their intelligence, however, is usually lacking; they are almost universally illiterate. Some, however, have been known to be capable of higher thought. It is unknown how orcs reproduce; orc-women have been seen on rare occasion, but the majority of orcs appear to be male.


A horde of varying orcs

There are two primary groups of orcs: tribal orcs and civilized orcs.

- Tribal orcs are usually more violent and have a tendency to raid other orc tribes and human settlements. They usually live in underground cave systems (much like dwarves) or in mountainous ranges. Tribal orc settlements have been found in all corners of the map.

- Civilized orcs are those orcs which have adhered to the cultures around them in order to trade and keep peace. Unfortunately these are often lumped under the same hate as their tribal brethren.
Orc Lady