This is the most prosperous Outlaw city of the north. As the gateway to the whole of Bodus, much traffic passes through its streets. Because of this, Nostrogel is a mix of a variety of cultures and races, including elves, dwarves, and orcs from the foothills. Skilled workers also reside here, such as tradesman and even a few bankers.

The city is run by John Guyére, the character of James Douglas, [1] and assisted by his apprentice, Edward Collinson.

Guyére is assisted by the two Nostrogel councils:

Nostrogel Major - This is the high council, but few leaders acctullay listen to it. It is made up of manly rich, foreign diplomats, and there are discussions on wether it should Be dissolved.

Nostrogel Minor - A smaller council. It is concerned with military matters, eg. The Nostrogel Militia. Since the dwarven invasion, it has been dramatically downscaled, and its main tavern of meeting burned. It convenes in small groups of three or four members, in side alleys or in informal buildings

There are a few small differences between this and other cities: the merlons on the city walls are rounded, and, in a few places, slabs of black and white tiles remain from the older city paving - that is, the paving slabs that people haven't stolen, yet!