Mythron was the original leader of the whole land. In recent times, however, their power has grown less, as Rainos mounted a revolution and new foes, such as the Black Lotus arose.
Ages ago, the great king of Mythron was killed by the first Barbarian leader, but his three sons took over the burden of ruling the land.

After the Battle of Unbinding, the Barbarians took over the island that neighbored Mythron, called Rainos. As Mythron and Rainos became engrossed in their war, outlaws and pirates flourished, and despite a short-lived alliance against the outlaws, they took control of half the island of Mythron. Yet, Mythron has found a strong new ally in the nation of Enalica. It's empire continues to grow.....

Through it all, the Mythronians stand as true fighters for justice!

Cities of MythronEdit

Mythron map

A map of Mythron

Reedus (Capital): Claimed by the High King of Mythron and Halhi 141

Carthal: Claimed by Julia LeeP

Falmor: Claimed by Mariner 1000

Meids: Claimed by jonnylegoboy911


Given the age of the kingdom, hundreds of small towns and settlements litter the countryside.

Building styles and people of MythronEdit

Large cities are constructed with high stone walls and towers, while smaller towns use wooden stockades for protection and wattle-and-daub for private homes.

The official colors of Mythron are black, blue, and silver, and Royal soldiers wear uniforms from Knight's Kingdom. Other uniforms include Castle 2013 Crown-Lion Knights, Castle 2007 Crown Knights and Black Falcons.

Goals, Ranks, and HonorsEdit

Current strategic goals for Mythron include to retake the entire map, to rebuild the Mythronian army, and plant spies in Rainos.

If you seek justice and truth, prepare for a great battle!