Morthog 01


Morthog is a city of central Nerogue. Construction was started shortly after Nerogue was founded in 5 AU, and the city was considered "finished" by some point in 6 AU.

Building GuideEdit

Use light and/or dark grey for the walls around the city. The houses and buildings in this city are either made of wood and/or darker stone. The streets are cobblestone and brick. It has taller grass and more small patches of trees than the environment surrounding Zorthan, making it a prime location for hunting game and gathering wild fruits, nuts, and other natural resources.


The soil is very good here, and agricultural crops flourish. When visitors come here, they always feel at home. The experienced soldiers from Zorthan go here for further training. Those skilled enough become warriors of Nerogue. Morthog is the powerhouse in terms of creating battle weapons and defense mechanisms due to the rich iron-ore mountains south of its location. Graduates of the Morthog defense and offense Academies are some of the most feared warriors in all of Nerogue.