Despite being a center of war and adventure, the Lands of Mythron can also be a place for love and family life.


In keeping with the tradition of damsels-in-distress, several players' characters have love interests. Love is not neccessarily limited to humans- other races, such as cyclops, have also fallen in love with each other. Inter-species love is also common, especially between elves and mortals. In one instance, an elf and a dwarf had an extremely passionate relationship.


Surprisingly, few of the otherwise moralistic heros in LOM have actually married their true loves. Maybe they don't want to be tied down, or maybe they're too busy murdering Rainosians to go on a honeymoon. Marriage usually takes place as a simple exchange of vows before at least one witness, but possibly more. Regardless, there is a distinct lack of ceremony to most weddings.


The low number of marriages might explain this one. Very rarely are babies born on camera in LOM. This can also be attributed to the lack of good pieces to make babies or toddlers. Finally, in Rainos at least, potions are heavily marketed which can markedly increase the age of a child, enabling a baby to be born in a month and become a young man a few days later. Only in Rainos is this considered a great idea.

Other loveEdit

SInce less than 20% of LOM's players are over 13, many characters blithly ignore the possiblities of romance. Often, their love for battle, killing, and weapons takes on a romantic passion to make up for this. See George Marshalllll.