Larpang is an Outlaw settlement in the far north-east of Mythron. As north as anyone would dare to wander, Larpang is larger than the caravans expect. Supported by mining, many explorers launch from this town in hopes of striking it rich in an unmapped land. Dogsleds are the chief means of transportation across the thick snow and ice. Though it is a haven for Yeti and Mammoth hunting, the town authorities strictly regulate these hunters. Larpang's colors are olive green and yellow, though some parts of the militia also use sand green.

The ruler of Larpang is Qinon, the Lost Ranger (Mr. Cab).

Militia Edit

The Larpang Militia was created under the rule of Qinon, the Lost Ranger. It includes regular soldiers, an elite team of archers and a warship.

From left to right: Larpang Archers in training, The Wolf, Larpang Soldiers attacking a Mythronian Armory

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