King Bartok is the sovereign and protector of Rainos and a descendant of the ducal line that ruled Rainos under Mythron's rule. He is responsible for starting the War of Unbinding and leading Rainos in successful rebellion against the Mythronian Empire.

Pre-War History Edit

Bartok was born on June fourteenth 43 years before the Battle of Unbinding, the starting date of the new calendar that rose up in the aftermath of his actions. As the only son of the Duchess of Rainos, he was in line to become the second-most powerful person in the Mythronian Empire. However, he was born in dark times: under the reign of the Mad King of Mythron and its lands across the map, nobles and commoners alike faced death and ruin at the whim of the mad king. His mother was poisoned in the political feuding that characterized Mythros' rule when Bartok was a teen, and his father acted as regent of Rainos while Bartok was receiving his upbringing at court alongside Crown Prince Mythros.

Developing events at court - the ailing health of the Mad King, Mythros' attempts to stabilize the empire he would soon inherit - kept Bartok on the eastern side of the Sea of Division until he was twenty-one, about the same number of years before the Battle of Unbinding. Upon the old king's death, Bartok waited for his friend's coronation then hastily returned to Iremore to assume his own seat as Duke. He was formally anointed as the Duke of Rainos by the Archdruid of Hadran at age 22.

The War of Unbinding Edit

A political rift soon grew between Bartok and his former friend, High King Mythros. In order to keep royal power strong, Mythros was making Rainos more and more colonial, increasing the rights of Mythronian nobles over Rainosian locals and sapping the autonomy left to the handful of remaining clans not ruled by colonists.