The Lands of Mythron have a great number of inns. In medieval times, an inn was a tavern, hotel, and social center all in one. This article serves as a list for all the named inns and taverns in LOM.

The Archetype: The Black Knight Tavern

Golden Goblet Tavern

Cliff Cafe

Blue Shield Inn

White Rose Tavern

Red Shore Tavern

Red Horse Inn

Black Falcon Inn

Small Dragon Inn

'Gill Inn

Black Hammer Inn

Fhand Inn (You make the names, not me) 

Full Moon Inn

White Skull Inn

Grand Toucan Inn

Crossed Swords Inn

Moose Tracks Inn

Thirsty Tuna Inn

The Merry Sorcerer Inn

Cow's Head Tavern (Note: this tavern has never been built, but has been talked about many times)

Feel free to add your own to this list. The only requirement is that it has to be a tavern/inn and have a name.