Calebs Halidra

A group of Halidran

Halidra, also kown as Halidran, are a race similar to Orcs, but are larger, stronger and with a slightly more humanoid facial structure. They have large yellow eyes and pointed teth, and are generally much quicker than humans or Orcs. The majority of Halidran have dark red skin, though a small percentage have brown.

Additional InformationEdit

Halidran often wear leather and thin armor under dark clothing with hoods and cowls. They are often regarded as savage brutes though most all possess human-level intelligence. They often live in deserts. They are not as common as Orcs or humans, but are more common than races such as Cyclopes or Grer. They rarely stay in one place for more than a month and live in small, mobile tents, or sometimes wooden stuctures. They are rarely found in groups smaller than ten.


Halidra are said to have sailed over The Sea Beyond. Though they rarely leave their clans, some can be found in cities. These few have done their best to explain how they arrived in Mythron. Though there is no official written history, there are many oral accounts, passed down from generation to generation. The only problem is that these histories are with the elders of the tribes, and only passed on to a select few. These elders dislike most other races, and will not often give data to "outsiders".