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The Port of Grorm

Grorm is one of Rainos' four major cities, and, like Hadran, it sees little action other than occasional raids by Enalicans or other Rainosians, and even those have stopped now that it has a lord and Enalica is under new management. The city is located on the northern shore of Rainos and is home to Lord Pieterson (Drew Johnson)

Grorm is home to many pirates and traders, as it maintained it's alliance with Enalica even after the civil war.

The city has endured numerous attacks by pirates, outlaws, and Mythronians attempting to get a foothold in Rainos.

Builds that Feature Grorm Edit

The Emergence of Truth by Andrew Spader

The Treachery of PIeterson by Andrew Spader

CCCIX: Grorm By Night Reaper

The Fight for Grorm By Night Reaper

UC - Guardians of the Coast by Rogue Commander

Scuffle in Grorm By Mister Lego

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