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Galdon -1-

The stone walls of Galdon.

Galdon Is located just off of the coast of Nerogue, in the bay of Wascond. it is a rocky island that has a few small forests and fields. in Galdon there are two small markets, they are exotic mush like Tomue's markets. It is led by Jako who was assigned to by Darvainian the former leader of Nerogue.

Building in Galdon Edit

When you build in Galdon use stone walls of light grey the houses in side of the walls are usually wooden with a little bit of stone. The roofs are usually thatched or shingled. there is a fortress just to the north of the town, when building in that use light grey with a little Dark Bley mixed in. The area around Galdon is Rock with a few tress and, buildings, Mainly inns and farms.

Here is an example of the inside of a building.

LOM-FB-The retaking of Galdon-1


here is an example of a building from the outside


The Golden lion inn Galdon

History of Galdon Edit

After Jako took the lead of Galdon, it fell into a turmoil of faction changes. Due to Jako leaving on missions for he government. The first time it fell into the hands of a Rainosion Named Drox, Drox was defeated By Jako In the first Battle of Galdon. The second time Galdon fell to Enalican the golden, They too were defeated but this time by Matthias; Jako's second in command. with the help of a small group of former black lotus, he was able to successfully storm the fortress.

Builds in Galdon Edit


LOM-MBC "Dodging Arrows."

LOM-MBC-"Escape PT 2."

-Nerogue commander challenge

LOM-RC Return to Galdon

LOM-The retaking of Galdon

All by built Joel Tyer