Factions are the playable nations in the Lands of Mythron. Each player is required to choose a faction, but players are not required to stick to common faction stereotypes or guidelines and in many cases are encouraged to add color to their faction by introducing new details. In-game, the factions are the basis for world story as they wage war, form alliances, face crises or pursue new goals, and they also provide each player with a close group of teammates and allies. The five factions are Rainos, Mythron, Enalica, Nerogue and the Outlaws.

The Formation of Factions Edit

Four of the five factions have been constant since the game's beginning, and the fifth, Nerogue, was introduced soon after. In the story, all used to be ruled by the Mythronian Empire, but, 25 years before the beginning of the game, the duke appointed by Mythron to keep its colonies in Rainos in line changed his loyalties and started a war to gain Rainos' independence from Mythron. The war, afterwards named the War of Unbinding, weakened the empire's grasp on all of its territories, and by 0 AU (After Unbinding), Rainos was independent, the islands of Enalica were ruled by pirates and the northern wastes of Mythron were overrun by Outlaws. Nerogue appeared later, in 5 AU, when a multi-factional raid on the Mythronian city of Tomeu left the city and nearly half of Mythron's territory in the property of a new group of ex-Outlaws known as Nerogue.

Out of story, Nerogue was created to draw away some of the Outlaws' excessive numbers, a task which it eventually succeeded at in late 2014, or 6 AU. Since that point, the administration has determined that introducing further factions would only destabilize the game, and thus no player is allowed to go off and form a new one. Instead, the staff fills the role of "starting new factions" by letting factions with few active players undergo dramatic reformations: Enalica, for example, first experienced such a period under ex-Rainosian Caleb R., who brought it up to a reasonable activity level for several months as his in-game character drove the islands' previous leadership out of power and installed a working system, and later under Caleb's former deputy Thomas of Tortuga and Enalican player Armon Russ, who changed Enalica into an efficient dictatorship under Armon's side-character Reia Loda.

Finally, the staff hinted at the creation of a new faction, the Black Lotus, which made it its goal to destroy Mythron. Although the BL had its own "faction group" and dominated the storyline for about a year, it was never intended to be fully born as a new faction and was defeated decisively in 6 AU with its leadership and organization disbanded.