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As head archivist for Lands of Mythron, here are a few quick editing guidelines:

--Thomas of Tortuga

Faction Leaders:Edit

Please try to have your pages in the order of:

  • Summary/Building Style
  • History
  • Members (with or without their point breakdowns)
  • Cities (with rulers) and towns, if any.
  • Strategic goals
  • Rank challenges, with the required points for each level.
  • Alliences and special honors
  • Any other pertinent details

Everyone Else:Edit

Everyone else: You are welcome to edit anything you like on the articles. I do ask that you respect the faction leaders' attempts to keep order by not modifying their points, members, rank challenges, or cities without approval from the faction leaders. Also, please use proper spelling and grammer; if you don't, the next contributor will have to fix your edits or delete them entirely.

Once an element of a nation's culture, history, wildlife, or terrain has been incorporated into a LOM MOC, it is an official part of the storyline (unless it clashes with previously established information). If you think of a really cool idea, but you don't have a MOC posted in the group showing that idea, it is unofficial. You're still welcome to post it, but try to keep the main faction articles official. 


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