A dwarf.

Dwarves are a short race; typically shorter than five feet tall.  Dwarves are rarely seen above ground and prefer to live in their palaces under the mountains of Rainos and Mythron.


Very little is known about Dwarvish culture. Dwarves and Elves are mortal enemies and have even come to blows in the distant past.

The Dwarven Invasion Edit

In November of 7 AU, an army of dwarves appeared out of nowhere to invade all five factions. These foreign dwarves came both by sea, carried by huge and highly advanced battle ships that also carried a variety of siege machines, and through the tunnel network underneath the Lands, catching the armies of the factions completely off guard. The foreign dwarves are related to the native dwarves, since thy are all dwarves, but the nature of the relation has not been established, and the native dwarves have not shown whether they are opposed to the invaders or not. The foreign dwarves do not speak the native language of the Lands of Mythron, are fierce fighters and possess many ships and siege weapons.