Dragon attack 2

A two-headed dragon wreaking havoc at a castle

Dragons are vicious, powerful and ancient monsters which can be found in dens all across Mythron. They tend to live in underground caverns, sometimes even adapting caves from Dwarves or men to suit their purposes. Their diet consists of any meat, though the meat of a fellow Dragon is the most delicious to a Dragon. Dragons are androgynous, and reproduce  by laying eggs. All Dragons have at least one pair of wings, but may have two, four, or even six legs. Dragons are easily the most long-lived and hard to kill creatures the Lands.

Nonsentient dragonsEdit

Most Dragons alive in Mythron are nonsentient, although still very intelligent, and live in distant wildernesses. Sometimes, powerful wizards or strong-willed warriors will attempt to tame these beasts and turn them to their own power, and knights will often be sent to kill a Dragon which is threatening his kingdom.

Although every Dragon is generally quite different from the last, two main types have been identified.


A roaming frost dragon

Frost Dragons live in ice caves and glaciers of the frozen north, and have pure white scales for camoflauge. Unless a wanderer inadvertently disturbs them, they are relatively tranquil.
Dragon attack

A fire dragon attacking a ship

Fire Dragons are found throughout the islands. With no need for camoflauge, their scales are usually brightly colored, and they are more agressive than Frost Dragons. In the back of a fire Dragon's throat is a small hole which sprays a highly flammable liquid out of the Dragon's mouth, while a flap of skin on the roof of the Dragon's mouth contains an electric organ which produces sparks. By combining these two organs, the Fire Dragons gives the impression that it breathes fire.

Sentient DragonsEdit

These are the Dragons renowned from folklore and mythology. Sentient Dragons, rather than being a dangerous pest when they come too close, actively plot to destroy all other mortal life. Sentient Dragons can speak any language and have tremendous powers of persuasion and temptation and even mind control over weak-minded creatures like Orcs. They covet gold, not because they need it, but because they want to cause harm and suffering to others. Luckily, no Sentient Dragons have been seen in the islands since 200 BB, but the memory of the threat they would pose if they came again remains.