The Bulls are a major tribe of Rainos with lands along the northern coast.

History Edit

Before their land was conquered by Mythron centuries ago, there was a Bull Clan whose warriors wore dragon-crested helmets (often with bull's horns) and used the emblem of a bull. The details of this clan were mostly lost to time, as its descendents were made into serfs by the colonists and lost almost all of their original culture. Two years after the War of Unbinding broke out in 20 B.U., a serf named Cedric instigated a rebellion against the particularly-brutal local overlords and successfully purged a fiefdom of Mythronian colonists before Bartok's armies could arrive. After liberating the local area, though, Cedric put together a war-band from his followers and dived into the war. As a symbol for his warriors as well as the civillians he had delivered from serfdom, Cedric chose the Bull emblem of their predecessors and, to some extent, the image of their predecessors itself.

By the last days of the war, the Bulls had brought several former fiefdoms in the north of Rainos together under their banner. Part of the forces were present at the Battle of Unbinding when the Mythronian king was slain, but the majority of the troops were mopping up imperial remnants in the region of Grorm because Cedric, now himself known as "the Bull", was put of by Bartok's civilized nature and felt that Rainos would simply become another Mythron if it continued on its current path. After the war, Cedric was an advocate of pushing the advantage against Mythron with a subsequent invasion and sided with traditionalist, independent clans and tribes such as the Ibers and the Boars rather than the "tamer" clans like the Dragons.

The Bulls made great strides in developing their holdings from 0 AU to 7 AU, incorporating a few more clans and villages and connecting smaller communities first with boat patrols and eventually with regular roads built on the tribe's authority. Their army also took on a highly-organized structure, with designated uniforms and ranks as well as training programs. Both Bull citizens and their allies served in their army and navy, and until 6 AU Bull officers were sometimes mistaken for Ibers because of the trade for armor between the tribes. By 7 AU, the whole army was re-equipped with locally-made uniforms and armor in the distinctive Bull style.

Since the first LOM builds of 5 AU, Bulls have participated in a number of campaigns: the 5 AU invasion of Mythron, the anti-Outlaw truce with Mythron of the same year, the Guaire Diamond Plot, the fall of Tomeu, the Black Lotus' war on Mythron, the siege and treaty of Meids, the gold rush in Santuario, the Rainosian Civil War and the reclamation of Exileseat. In general, they are likely to support any cause that will advance the fortunes of their tribe, aid their allies, harm Mythron or protect the freedom of the tribes and peoples of Rainos.