Bodus Minor

The entrance to Bodus Minor


A library next to the outer wall of Bodus Minor

Bodus Minor is the capital city of the Outlaws. Located in a great valley high in the mountains on Bodus’ southern tip, Bodus Minor is a land of eternal winter. Founded by the great dwarven warlord Tiberius Hammerhand, it was once a thriving dwarven metropolis surrounded by rich mines, it now lies in ruins. Orcs ransacked the city centuries ago, and carried off everything they could lay a hand on. From coins to the dwarf inhabitants themselves, Bodus Minor was left forgotten. In recent times a large band of outlaws and wanderers, under the command of one titled the Coordinator, have settled here and work systematically to restore the ancient city. Frost-Claw, a citadel on a plateau overlooking the valley, is currently the base of operation for this growing order. Though the buildings are entirely comprised of dull, grey stone, they are decorated with accents of a native, dark blue granite and detailed in red.