Bodus territory


Bodus is the icy tundra north of Mythron. It is located in and makes up most of the Outlaw territory. Bodus Minor, Nostrogel and Larpang all lie within Bodus.


A Frost Dragon

All of Bodus is covered in snow and ice. Most of Bodus is tundra, but it contains several mountain ranges. Bodus is home to Mammoths, Yeti, and Frost Dragons. It contains little to no vegetation, and most people living in Bodus make their money mining, hunting, fishing or stealing.

Bodus is often confused with Bodus Minor, the Outlaw capital, and Frostclaw, the citadel of Bodus Minor. It is important to remember that Frostclaw is the citadel, Bodus Minor is the city and Bodus is the region.


Four Outlaws make their way through Bodus with a wagon


The icy plains of Bodus